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Living In A Retirement Village Greenview Park

8 Delightful Ways Living in a Retirement Village Enhances Your Lifestyle

We may be biased, but we think there are plenty of benefits that come from residing in a retirement village. From fantastic facilities, to comfortable living and inclusive activities, here’s our list of eight top things that you can enjoy from calling a retirement village home. 

Modern, purpose-built housing

A home in a retirement village comes with everything you need, as well as some bonus extras that come in handy as we age. They have been designed and built with retiree-living in mind, so will always be low maintenance and easy care – meaning you don’t have to worry about repairs and regular upkeep. 

Friendly community 

One of the best things about retirement village living is the community of like-minded people around you. There’s no doubt that friendship and support from those at a similar stage of life can be quite comforting and it’s always nice to have someone nearby to have a cuppa with.   

Secure living

Many people are drawn to the level of security offered by living in a retirement village. This is not only about knowing your neighbors, but that an exclusive hamlet of homes means no one without a genuine purpose will be coming into the community. 

Most villages also have CCTV, swipe access doors, and automatic gates meaning you can feel safe and secure in your home. And if you’re worried about anything suspicious, help is only a quick phone call away.    

Social activities

Here’s where the real fun begins! Organised outings and other social occasions are a real added benefit of living in a retirement village. From hobby groups to visits to local attractions, themed dinners, movie nights and more, you’ll definitely have to have the calendar at the ready for all the bookings. Of course none of it is compulsory, but just knowing that those activities are available to participate in is appealing for many. 

Healthcare and well-being support

As we age, access to healthcare is important. And when you live in a retirement village, there will likely be a variety of healthcare workers onsite, or ones who visit on a regular basis. This means you will have a team who provides dedicated management of your health issues and concerns, all without having to leave the village

Onsite facilities

Depending on the village, there are often a variety of amenities available for residents to use. From communal gathering places (like lounges and dining rooms) to recreation facilities (like pools) and outdoor areas for lawn bowls or other physical activities. 

Freedom and independence

Some may think that moving into a retirement village means losing independence when, in fact, it can be quite the opposite. Many discover the freedom to do more things, especially with so much on offer right on their doorstep and knowing their home is always secure while they are out and about. Having help from carers and courtesy village transport will also enable those who are a little less mobile to stay active in the community.        

Peace of mind

Peace of mind encompasses a lot of things at a retirement village. Whether feeling secure, knowing there is always someone on hand in an emergency, you don’t have to physically maintain your home or that your health is being taken care of – all of this provides a level of comfort that many retirees (or even part-time retirees) appreciate. 

It’s about reducing stress, having a more enjoyable lifestyle, feeling content at home and relaxed when you venture further afield.

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