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What You Need to Know About Retirement Village Living

Thinking of settling in a Retirement Village? Is your current home a bit too big, or no longer addresses your needs?
Retirement villages have become the next step for many New Zealanders, but it is still a big decision.
Before you move, there are a few things you need to know about village living:

You’ll still have a place you can make your own

Love your green couch or have a favourite painting? Moving to the right retirement village means you don’t have to lose the comforts and favourites of home. Greenview Park Village promotes the personalization of your apartment or villa, making sure your home is where you love to be!

You can still have room for family and friends to stay

Call the grandkids, have a friend for tea, or Christmas at yours! At Greenview Park Village, we love seeing family and friends around. It is your home, so friends and family are always welcome. If you live in one of our two-bedroom homes you’ll have a spacious second bedroom for visitors (or snoring husbands!)

You can bring your cat or dog with you

We know how much pets mean to everyone and the support they offer. With Village Manager approval, you can bring your cat or dog with you. With a peaceful environment and abundant outdoor spaces, we are sure they too will love their new home.

You will make new friends

One of the best aspects of village living is the strong community feel. Get excited for group events, or simply join friends at the bar! Retirement village living is the perfect opportunity to make friends with your fellow residents.

You can be completely independent or get extra support

We understand that your levels of care and needs may change with time, and thus our facilities are designed to give you the best possible care without forfeiting independence.
Depending on what you require, we offer independent apartments, household assistance to full 24/7 care, to give you and your family the peace of mind you need.

You can take advantage of the on-site amenities

There is one thing that separates village living from your previous homes, in a village, you can take full advantage of on-site facilities!
Whether you would like to keep fit in our indoor heated pool, grab a drink at our bar, or relax at our onsite hair salon, there is something for everyone.

You can go on organised trips, or keep it solo

Social butterflies rejoice, there are many opportunities for group excursions! If you are in need of some quiet solo time, Greenview Park Village also facilitates solo trips, giving you the freedom and independence of home.

Making the move to a retirement village should feel easy when it is the right fit for you! Remember, it is always good to ask questions if unsure, or need clarification. Keep these seven important ideas in mind when searching for your next home, and we are sure you will find the perfect home!

To explore what living at Greenview Park Village is like, book a viewing or read more on our website.

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