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Travelling In Retirement Adventures Greenview Park

Travelling in Retirement: Planning Your Next Adventure

Retirement is a great opportunity to travel. See the sights, experience new cultures, and tick off the bucket list. Over the past few years, the number of retirees exploring abroad has increased, and travel has become a priority for many. At Greenview Park, you have the flexibility to travel without worrying about the safety and upkeep of your home. Consider these tips before embarking on your next adventure. 

Take Your Time

In retirement – there is no rush to return to work! Travelling in retirement means you can take your time and live as the locals do. Consider longer stays in AirBnB’s or a home exchange. Get in amongst the locals, see and eat as they do for a more authentic experience of the location. Plus, longer stays tend to cost less per night. An important note is that you will still receive your NZ Super (if eligible) if away for 26 weeks or less. Still, you can travel for up to six months without having to worry! 

Keep Online

One of the best benefits of travelling today is having devices. No longer do you need to worry about $2 per minute phone calls home! Instead, most accommodations, locations, even whole cities have wifi. Keep in touch with your family over social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Line and avoid the high charges for texts and calls. You can text, send photos, messages and even call through these apps. It is a good idea to download a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to your phone when connecting to public wifi. This will protect your data and anything you send from being accessed by anyone else.  

Before you leave, scan and upload your essential travel documents so you can access them from anywhere on the road. Email yourself a copy of your passport and any important documents such as insurance or flight details so if you lose your bags, or the hard copies, you aren’t stuck! 

Keep Healthy

When getting ready to set off, it’s a good idea to check in with your doctor. Make sure to ask if there are any immunisations you may need. They will check that you’re up to date with all the routine immunisations and any location-specific inoculations. Furthermore, discuss what medication you will need to bring. Some medications, which your doctor will identify, need to be carried with a medical certificate signed by a doctor. If this is the case, make sure to make a copy of this certificate, and keep the medication in its original packaging.  

Medications can sometimes be hard to come by abroad, so stock up! Pack enough for your trip, plus a few days extra in case of unexpected delays. You don’t want to be caught out without essential medication. Your doctor can help you plan what is the right amount to take. 

Save Money

Money is always a big factor what travelling. There are some little things you can do to save money, without sacrificing big things like comfort or attractions. Firstly, when booking flights, start early and be flexible. Websites such as SkyScanner will search for the cheapest flights within a month, or on a certain day, saving you hundreds. You may have noticed, by airline prices can fluctuate widely within hours. A trick of online retailers is watching for repeat views, and then increasing the price on the flight you’ve been looking at. It’s sneaky but effective. Get around this by searching for flights in an incognito browser.

Prices also vary on when you’re travelling. Peak tourist season has the highest costs, while also having the longest lines at attractions and the best weather. Consider traveling in the shoulder or off-peak seasons. These tend to be autumn or spring and have lower costs but worse weather. Check when the shoulder seasons are for your destination, hopefully, it will save you a few coins! 


Retirement is the ideal time to spread your wings and explore. Know you always have a home to return to at Greenview Park, and we can’t wait to hear about your travels.

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