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Mindfulness for Health and Relaxation

Life can be a bit of a rollercoaster at the best of times. But let’s face it, the last 12 months have
been extremely difficult for everyone and there still doesn’t seem to be an ‘end in sight’.

However there are two choices we have when faced with diversity, and that is to either let it
overwhelm and upset us or do what we can to still see the good in our days. Not surprisingly,
the second option is definitely the most favourable – not only for our happiness, but for our
health too.

So here are some ways to help you still find joy and laughter, even when the world around us
may be feeling a bit dreary.

1. Get enough sleep

Sleep helps to restore us physically and emotionally – and if you don’t get enough shut eye it is
very easy to feel far more anxiety and worry in our day-to-day lives.

Try not to watch the television or be on your phone right before bed, or eating or drinking
anything too heavy in the hour or so before. A warm cup of milk or camomile tea is also helpful if
you find it difficult to wind down, as is putting a little routine in place so your brain knows sleep is

2. Move your body

Exercise is crucial for the body and the mind. All sorts of feel-good chemicals get released by
the brain when we move, which is why it is so important not only for our physical health, but for
mental wellbeing too. Exercise also helps our bodies relax better too, by removing muscle
tension and reducing levels of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

3. Breathe deeply and purposefully

While breathing comes naturally, the right kind of breathing actually takes a little more
concentration to get right. That’s because most of us only shallow breathe using our stomachs.
But taking the time to fill up our lungs with deep breathing is really quite beneficial in a number
of ways.

Firstly, it helps to calm us down – so if you are feeling anxiety or stress, breathe in while
counting to ten, hold for ten and then breathe out while counting to ten. Then repeat this until
you start to feel more relaxed. Secondly, deep breathing also helps to get more oxygen moving
through your body, as well as lowering/stabilising blood pressure. So there’s no question that
setting aside some time each day to breathe deeply is one of the easiest things you can do for
your health!

4. Choose a hobby

Hobbies are about spending time doing something we enjoy, and it certainly helps the brain stay
active too. Research has shown that by choosing to occupy our time with a craft, sport or class,
we are more likely to suffer less from stress, low mood and depression. It’s also perfect for
socialising with like-minded people and making new friends.

5. Practice gratitude

As humans we can be easily caught up in all the negative things going on in our lives. So
practicing a little bit of gratitude for the regular things in our day – like that delicious cup of coffee
in the morning, or that favourite tv programme – is a great way to refocus on things that are
positive and make us feel good.

6. ‘Ground’ yourself

Grounding is a technique that can be used when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or simply as a
daily meditation to help you to relax. Find a quiet space inside or out (although outside does
work a bit better) close your eyes and concentrate on what you can touch, what you can hear
and what you can smell. This enables your mind to stop all of those racing thoughts, calming
you down to just have two or three.

You can even do this on the go – by simply being present in the moment wherever you are and
savouring that bite of cake, scent of a flower or the sound of the waves crashing.

7. Step outside

Fresh air and nature can do wonders for a brain that is feeling a bit foggy. And of course the
more you move, the better it is for your body. So if things are feeling a bit low, never
underestimate the outside world and its ability to refresh and revitalise you – feel the cool
breeze, enjoy the warmth of the sun, or let the rain land on your hands.

8. Listen to music

There’s nothing quite like a favourite tune to really help improve a mood, especially when you
can have a good sing along to it as well. It is such a simple action that can work wonders when
it comes to energy levels and good thoughts – especially if you’re tackling a task that you don’t
particularly enjoy.

9. Do something nice for someone else

Being kind to another person can be one of the most effective ways to boost feelings of
happiness and positivity. Even a small, random act of kindness can be enough to make
someone’s day – and if it makes them smile as well as you, it really is a win-win.

The list above includes some easy things that really can make a difference when it comes to
improving overall physical and mental wellbeing. And if it is going to make you healthier and
happier – why not give them a go?


If you need help with your retirement planning or would like to visit Greenview Park, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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