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Lifestyle Retirement Village Greenview Park

What are lifestyle retirement villages and how can they enhance your golden years?

There’s something rather exciting about retiring, and it’s not just about finding more of a work/life balance. It is the opportunity to be able to reimagine your whole lifestyle, by moving into a residential village that has been specifically created to improve your quality of life. 

Because, did you hear the news? 65 is now the new 45. And a lifestyle retirement village is the perfect place to call home when you’re ready to truly enjoy your golden years.  

Quality of living in a purpose built home

In a lifestyle retirement village, the homes are purpose-built, meaning they have all the amenities and fittings you need to live in absolute comfort. Designed for ease of movement and low maintenance, you’ll have less to do ‘around the house’, leaving plenty of time for other enjoyable activities.  

S is for socialising, and plenty of it

One of the best things about lifestyle village living is that there are so many opportunities for socialising, whether it’s just having a cuppa with the neighbours, or joining in on weekly excursions organised by the village. Friends are easy to come by because there are always new ways to meet people – from movie nights to hobby groups and themed dinners. 

When safety and security matter

As we move into our golden years, we often experience a greater sense of vulnerability. Which is why a lifestyle village offers peace of mind for things like security (living in a gated community) and also safety, as help from on-site staff is only a quick phone call away. 

Facilities on your doorstep

At many residential villages you don’t have to venture far from home to have access to a number of great facilities. There are often communal lounges and dining halls, places to enjoy happy hour and entertain family from outside the village, pools, gyms and libraries, as well as services (like health professionals and hairdressers) who come to you! 

Living your life – the way you want to

Above all else, a lifestyle retirement village is about ensuring you get to live the life you want to, without compromise. We all have different ideas of what our golden years will look like, and the great thing about choosing to live in a residential village is that it allows you to do things your way. 

  • Want to come and go? No need to worry about security, or who will mow the lawns while you’re away. 
  • Want to have an active retirement? There’s always plenty to keep you busy.
  • Want to live independently, but with help on hand if need be? You can choose what level of care you would like, and can change it as and when required. 
  • Want to just put your feet up and relax? Of course you can, in a modern, warm home that has been built with safety in mind. 

Our retirement years are to be enjoyed, and by choosing the right place to live, it can really set you up to maximise everyday – however you want to spend them.     

If you would like to hear more or are looking for advice, we’d love to get in touch.

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