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Who Are Retirement Villages Fro Greenview Park Village

Who Are Retirement Villages For?

When you picture a retirement village, what do you see? 

Do you imagine little homes filled with mothballs, knitting needles and an elderly cat or two? Despite thousands of New Zealanders calling retirement villages home, there is a media myth that they are dark, isolating experiences you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy – let alone your loved ones. 

The reality is, retirement villages are a world apart from the mental image. In place of mothballs, there are spacious and modern homes. Instead of hoards of elderly cats, there are robust, vibrant communities of retirees, and those still working. Although, we will concede that there are a few pairs of knitting needles around! 

But that leaves the question – who exactly are retirement villages for? While villages cater for a wide range of individuals at different stages of life and retirement, if you identify with one or more of the following statements, 2020 may be the year to start looking into retirement village living. 

I am Independent

At Greenview Park, we believe you should be able to retain your independence for as long as you wish. With our independent living apartments and villas, you have everything you would have living outside of a village – Plus the additional amenities and social benefits. You can cook, clean, have friends to stay, decorate and design in your home. Retirement villages offer independent living, with support if, or when you need it. 

Retirement village living is a lifestyle choice, and how much independence you want is always your decision. If your needs change, we are here to support you as you continue your retirement adventure. Depending on what you require, we offer independent villas and apartments, household assistance to full 24/7 care, to give you and your family the peace of mind, and flexibility you need.

Community is Important to Me

Do you live alone? Perhaps your loved ones live far away? Community and a strong family feel underpin everything we do at Greenview Park. Family owned and run, we know how important connection is. It is important to us that you find a place that feels like home. As a smaller retirement village, everybody knows everybody. With a range of clubs, and TGIF Fridays, there is ample opportunity for you to meet like-minded, fabulous people. 

If a sense of community is important to you, and you are looking for new connections, consider a retirement village. Village living balances easy socialisation with the privacy and quiet of having your own space.

I Value My Privacy

There is a misconception that to move into a retirement village is to forfeit your privacy. This is far from the truth! Your home is your home and is treated with the utmost respect. Living in a retirement village is very similar to living in a gated community, except with the additional facilities, and support. 

I Want to Get the Most Out of My Retirement

After a lifetime of working, many of us look forward to our retirement and have dreams of all the things we wish to accomplish in our golden years. A retirement village is the perfect place for all forms of retirement dreams and can help you get the most out of your retirement. In fact, more and more younger retirees are moving into retirement villages to take advantage of their flexibility, community and opportunities. 

If you are a traveller at heart, living in a retirement village allows you to lock up and leave without worrying about if your mail is being collected, or if your home is secure. Keen gardener? We have community plots on site! No matter your inclination, there is something for everyone – and we are always open to hearing new ideas for groups and clubs. 

Retirement villages offer a stable, luxurious alternative to living in your own home which allows you to be flexible with how you spend your time and money. Without compromising on privacy or independence, you can live your retirement how you dreamed. 

If you are considering retirement villages for 2020, we would love to help you find the perfect fit! Get in touch today

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